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Main features of ABCexplorer


ABCexplorer is basically a program for Windows Xp. It is compatible with Windows 9x, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

To run on Vista, ABCexplorer must be used in "run as administrator" mode and in Xp compatibility mode.

CAUTION: ABCexplorer is a 32-bit program and may not run properly on 64-bit platforms.

up1. Files management

- Tree-like display of the files and their contents.

- Simultaneous opening of several files.

- Moving tunes from one file to another by Drag and Drop with the mouse.

- Opening a file by Drag and Drop from Windows.

- Management of groups of files being able themselves to include other groups.

- Possibility of simultaneous opening of all the ABC files of a folder.

- Direct access to remote ABC files.

- Saving an optional backup of each ABC file ABC upon opening it.

- Taking into account the external header files (field %%abc-include).

up2. Tunes management

- Tree-like display of the tunes and their contents.

- Reorganization of the tunes in a file by Drag and Drop with the mouse.

- Built-in trashcan, with adjustable restoration and self-emptying if the contents exceed an adjustable threshold.

- Multicriteria and multifiles search and filtering function.

- Masks of multicriteria filtering can be saved.

- Capacity of making Sets 100% ABC (based on the P: fields).

- Automatic recovery of the tune in the course of editing in the event of a crash of Windows or the program.

up3. ABC code editing

- Syntactic colouring.

- User-defined keys for text insertion.

- Autotext using the same shortcuts as MS-Word.

- Transposing by scale of one or more halftones.

- Multilevel undo.

- Using templates that can freely edited.

- Piano-like editing keyboard, with writing in the editor of the ABC notes taking into account the selected key signature (key accidentals are not registered and natural symbols are added if need be).

- Cursor line and column are indicated.

- Contextual ABC help: displaying the notice of the ABC element under the cursor (only in French for the moment).

- Comment/uncomment by block.

up4. Audio playing

- Audio player based on DirectX (independent of the Main Volume of Windows).

- Loop playing single tunes.

- Loop playing all the tunes of a file.

- Loop playing the filtered tunes of a file.

- QuickScan function (loop playing the only beginning of the tunes).

- Possibility of playing only the selected piece of ABC code in the editor.

- Adjustable timer at starting of playing.

- Taking into account the field Q: (tempo) at the local level (in a tune) AND at the global level (in a file header or an included header file).

- Adjustment of the tempo by a dynamic cursor (extreme values varying according to the basic value).

- Possibility of playing with deactivation of the accompaniment chords.

- Possibility of playing with deactivation of the grace notes.

- Variable mixing of the MIDI channels (ABC voices).

- Pitch adjustment in the course of playing, by interval of halftones.

- The GM instrument GM can be changed in the course of playing.

- 'Pause' and 'Rewind' commands.

- Three-channels drone generator, independent from the tune playing.

- Multiple saving of drone settings.

up5. Export and Print

- Page setup module before export or print, with preview of the result.

- Direct PDF export.

- Export in various graphical formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG.

- Html export with creation of a full Web structure.

- Direct printing in high resolution of score from a file (filtered or not), a tune or a list of tunes.

- Printing raw ABC code of a file, a tune or a list of tunes.

- Sending ABC files or batches of selected tunes by e-mail, directly from the interface of ABCexplorer.

- Editing printable and savable text lists in text or CSV format.

up6. Open and Import

- Possibility of direct opening a remote ABC file distant as if it were a local file.

- List of remote ABC favorites.

- Compatible in opening with the ABC files of type Windows (CRLF), Mac (CR) or Unix/Linux (LF).

- Importation and direct opening of the ABC code copied in the clipboard (for gleaning from the Web or the forums).

up7. Interface

- Interface with adjustable panels with the mouse and the sizes are autosaved at closing time.

- Possibility of full screen display for the panel of the ABC editor ABC and the panel of score viewing.

- Autosaving of the adjustments of zoom and centering of the score, in an independent way for full screen display and normal display.

- Contextual menus (right clicking) in the file-tree.

- Contextual help (key F1 or dedicated button) in all the elements of the interface.

up8. Miscellaneous

- Automatic checking a new version available for downloading.

- The external tools can be adjusted.

- Multilingual potentiality.

- Multi-user capacity.



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