Ceremonial Spoons (Wedding Spoons) in Brittany

Cuillère d'apparat (Cornouaille)

 Original French text

These beautiful objects, known in France under the names of "cuillères d'apparat", "cuillères de mariage", "cuillères de noces", "cuillères de fête", are one of the most outstanding and more attaching elements of what it is commonly referred to as Breton folk art.

By involving myself in the making of a Website on this topic (the objects themselves and their ethnographic context ), my enthusiasm quickly ran up against a serious obstacle: the access at the pieces themselves and their associated data, indispensable condition of a serious typological and historical work...

After some written requests to the curators of some collections and having get as answers only 'niets', scores of concerto for stamps, regulations and forms, no answer to questions however explicitly asked, or, simply, no answer at all... I quickly threw in the towel!

Rather disappointed, I stopped thus wasting my time in vain attempts and left this Website in its state, i.e. still very far from exhaustiveness and insufficiently illustrated by a few poor personal photographs and much photographs collected here and there.

I would have liked that these temporary photographs could be replaced and updated by documents of better documentary quality, but there is little chance that they will be one day... Owning not the rights on many of the photograph used here and my attempt to get things right having failed (cf. supra), I cannot let this Website in free access, because the same who lock thus the access to information will be surely the first to claim for the violation of patrimonial rights or other... This Web site will thus remain a personal document whose access requires an identifier and a password. You can nevertheless obtain them on a purely private basis, and for free of course: you have only me to ask me for them by e-mail while clicking on the below link.


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It is not a collection of personal information (your e-mail address will not be re-used, nor even kept), but of a stupid legal constraint which I am the first to regret...

This Website was written in French. An English menu is included but very few parts have been translated in English.