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This chapel of the Pays Bigouden is nestled in a remarkable site at the bottom of a damp valley of the coast of the Bay of Audierne. Reed beds are only a few meters from the walls of the chapel and it is not uncommon in winter that the chapel has its feet in the water...

St-Evy chapel is a good example of the Christianization in the past of ancient cults of the water. Indeed, this chapel has not a fountain nearby, but is built directly on a source, which goes out from the building at the south at the corner of the nave and the transept. The antiquity of this worship site is also indicated by the eponymy, St. Evy was a companion of St. Guénolé (sixth century). This fountain of devotion was and is still used to relieve joint pain.
Architecturally, this chapel is of great sobriety. It is especially remarkable for its shape of tau whose the broad transept is nearly equal to the length of the main vessel. Because of its relative proportions (large transept, small bell-tower, low walls) this small chapel gives the impression of being much larger than it actually is!

One of the gables of the current building bears the date 1660, but the bell tower and the chevet rather evoke the sixteenth century.

Up to now, St-Evy chapel is not the subject of any administrative protection.



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