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St-Tremeur chapel is located on the south coast of the Pays Bigouden (SW of Brittany) on the outskirts of Le Guilvinec, not far from the sea in a previously back-dune area but today victim of urbanization. It once depended on the neighboring parish of Plomeur.
This elegant chapel dates from the late fifteenth century and reflects the Flamboyant Gothic style from Breton Cornouaille. One of its features is to have no western portal. It is not alone in this case in the area. Indeed, once in Lower-Brittany, western portal was only open for funerals, but as funerals were celebrated only in churches and not in chapels, this portal was useless in the latter, besides generating air streams... and in windy areas it was often suppressed.

This chapel is dedicated to St. Tremeur, a traditional Breton saint not recognized by the official Catholic Church but whose cult is widespread in Brittany (many churches and chapels are dedicated to him). It is deemed to be died beheaded and is hence usually depicted holding his head in his hands. Logically, people did call on him to alleviate headaches!

St-Tremeur chapel is listed in the Monuments Historiques (Historical French Heritage) since 1935.

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