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This tiny chapel is a building of major interest: it is the oldest in Brittany and, above all, it contains the only Roman wall painting known up north of the Loire river. At the origin, it was a Gallo-Roman building reused during the High Middle Ages as Christian church, which so was saved from destruction. The chapel corresponds to the private baths (the balneum) of a former Roman villa, just an old bathroom somehow!

This chapel was formerly dedicated to St. "Vénier" (patronymic derived from Venus, Veneris, and Christianization of the name of the deity depicted on the painting) and today to St. Agatha, martyred with cut breasts and patron saint of nurses, which remains the same theme.

The current building reflects various periods: the apse and most of the nave date back to the Gallo-Roman Antiquity (2nd century AD), the upper part of the walls of the nave is from the beginning of the High Middle Ages (6th-7th centuries), the intermediate part at the portal level is from the end of the High Middle Ages (9th century) and the portal itself is from the Romanesque period (11th-12th centuries). The top of the gabled walls, framing and bell-turret were rebuilt in modern times.

The chapel Ste-Agathe of Langon is disused since the French Revolution. It is classified as Monument historique (Historical French Heritage) since 1840.



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