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back Chapelle Notre-Dame de Penhors, en Pouldreuzic (Bretagne/France)


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This beautiful coastal chapel is an important place of worship, not by its size but by its fame throughout the whole Pays Bigouden (SW of Brittany) and even beyond in Brittany. Its close proximity to the coast and perfect visibility from the sea, associated with the dangerousness of the coast of the Bay of Audierne are no strangers to the devotion that Breton sailors have always shared for it. N.-D. Penhors is regarded locally as a kind of patron saint of the Pays Bigouden.

A legend says that the perished at sea go in procession to the chapel of Penhors, begging for a handful of blessed ground to rest in peace. If there are none to help them, they are condemned to forever wander along the coast.

Its little pardon (traditional Breton fest of a church) takes place the second Sunday of July. The great pardon takes place the first Sunday of September, it is one of the largest pardons of Cornouaille even today).

Architecturally, much of this chapel is a testimony of the style known as the "École de Pont-Croix", specific style from Basse-Cornouaille of the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. The side chapels and the triumphal arch date from the 16th century, the calvary from the 17th centur. The bell tower, destroyed by lightning, was rebuilt in the early 20th century.

The chapel Notre-Dame de Penhors is classified as Monument historique (Historical French Heritage) since 10.14.1963.



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