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St. Agnès Church belongs to a homogeneous group of Romanesque buildings characteristic of the high valley of the Rance river. Only four of these buildings are preserved today, one of which is in ruins, one fifth is known by ancient descriptions. Three of the preserved buildings, including this one, are referable to the eleventh century, the fourth being probably slightly later.

This group of buildings is characterized by its simple volumes (two unequal size parallelepipeds adjoined and connected by an arch) and the lack of buttresses. Their simplicity and sober appearance would prompt to see the work of local masons, yet it seems to be the reverse: in fact, their plans show an implementation based on the Golden Ratio. So the inside of the nave of Tréfumel fits in a Golden Rectangle, one could invoke the chance but the choir also fits so, and when we see that the ratio of size of the choir and the nave is again the Golden Ratio, we cannot discuss the chance! So this church is the realization of a cultured master knowing how to handle the calculations and layouts. The porch, sacristy and South windows are additions of the Post-Romanesque period.

St. Agnès Church is listed in the Monuments historiques (Historical French Heritage) since 1964.



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