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Saint-Michel Church of Bruc-sur-Aff immediately strikes the visitor by the strong contrast of its volumes, its beautiful masonry of shale and sandstone and the elegance of its frame bell-tower.

The oldest part of the building is the nave of the fifteenth century. It internally retained its original frame, a beautiful and interesting exposed woodwork with low ties and long punches. The bell-tower which tops it dates from the eighteenth century; thin like a needle it is a remarkable carpentry work. A beautiful arched portal is present in the southern porch; it was originally the western portal, moved south during the seventeenth century.

The imposing transept and choir are neo-gothic pastiches of the late nineteenth century. The beautiful fawn colour of their ruble stone masonries fits well with the old masonries of the nave and saves the final result from the disaster. Lack of funds, the programmed total reconstruction of the building stopped there, what saved the nave and the bell tower of the disappearance.

This church was the subject of a major restoration program at the beginning of the 21st century.

Up to now, Saint-Michel Church of Bruc-sur-Aff is not the subject of any administrative protection.

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