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This beautiful Breton noble house is more a big manor than a castle but the local tradition denominates it "castle". It is surrounded by a vast park and many outbuildings.

The current "castle" replaced an old manor (15th century) of which nothing remains today. The building dates from the eighteenth century (it is dated 1768) but has undergone some restorations in the nineteenth century following the fire damage. It is distinguished by its harmonious proportions and the elegant pedimented windows of its roofs.

The domain of Tronjoly (park, castle and outbuildings) is the property of the town of Gourin since 1984. The park and the buildings now serve as a place of public promenade and as cultural site for exhibitions and various festivities, of which the most prestigious is the final of the Championship of traditional Breton pipers, held annually over three days on the first weekend of September. The best of the best of the traditional musicians (mainly some pairs bagpipe-bombard) selected from playoff contests that were held before in the whole Britain, compete each year at the foot of the castle for the coveted title of Champion of Britain. Although nothing destined it historically to that, this small castle has now become a symbol of the vitality of traditional Breton music!

Up to now, Tronjoly Castle is alas not the subject of any administrative protection.

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