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Masterpiece of the 12th century, the church of Saint- Nectaire is one of the “cinq églises majeures“ (five major churches) of the Romanesque Art in Auvergne (with ND-du-Port in Clermont, St-Austremoine in Issoire, ND of Orcival and ND of St-Saturnin). These five churches are called “major” because they have preserved over the time all the characters of the Romanesque style of Auvergne. This list is only a convention because there are many other “major” churches in Auvergne but incomplete or reworked. All these churches are grouped inside a relatively small area.

The Romanesque in Auvergne is individualized by the combination of:
- The “Massif barlong” (transverse parallelepiped) upon the crossing, with arms lean-to covered.
- Barrel-vaulted nave.
- Blind Nave, buttressed by half-barrel galleries.
- Arches doubling the outer walls of the nave.
- Chevet in apse with ambulatory.
- Absidioles oriented on the transept arms.
- Octagonal tower on the crossing.

The church of St-Nectaire had successfully passed the centuries without changes or notable additions but, as often unfortunately, been heavily restored in the 19th century, well respecting the style of the building but adding a few superfluous “embellishments" as the blind arches at the level of the galleries...

St-Nectaire church is listed in the Monuments Historiques (Historical French Heritage) since 1840.

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