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The remarkable church of San Pedro de la Nave is the most complete and the best conserved Visigothic church in Spain. Unfortunately, it had to be moved in the 1930s due to the construction of a hydraulic dam which would otherwise have flooded it. Although this moving is very regrettable, the stone-to-stone disassembly/reassembly allowed a careful restoration which gave to the building its former glory and a look certainly close enough to its original aspect of the 7th and 8th centuries.

Completed just before the Muslim invasion, this church with harmonious proportions and tasteful inner decor is the finest example that has been preserved from the ultimate stage of the Visigoth architecture in Spain. However the memory of this brilliant stylistic movement, brutally interrupted in 711(-714), later influenced the Mozarabic and Asturian styles.

All the masonry is original, although reassembled and restored, with the exception of the crossing tower, which is a restitution, the original tower having been replaced by a wall belfry at a late period.

The Visigothic architectural style is characterized, among other things, by the use of large apparatus with sharp joints, arches slightly overstepped, friezes of mainly geometrical patterns inscribed in circles and decorations depicted in flat reliefs.

San Pedro de la Nave church is registered in Registro General de Bienes de Interés Cultural (Historical Spanish Heritage) since 1912.

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