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You can find La Ermita de Nuestra Señora de las Viñas under various other names (Santa Maria de Lara, Santa Maria de Quintanilla de las Vinas... ). This small Spanish edifice is today all that remains of a formerly much larger pre-Romanesque edifice, with basilical plan and whose excavations have uncovered the foundations.

This very ancient edifice is esteemed from the 7th century, at the time of the Visigothic Hispanic kingdom. It is a remarkable example of the Visigothic architecture, with its masonry of large apparatus with sharp joints, its square apse, the use of the overstepped arch, friezes of circles with often geometric motifs, its very flat bas-reliefs, etc.

Although largely amputated, the remaining part of the building has undergone few modifications over the centuries, except for its roof and the closing of the openings to the nave and lateral chambers of the transept.

The richness and quality of its remaining decoration, both exterior and interior, allows imagining the sumptuousness of the original edifice. The precise history of the foundation and the subsequent history of this building are unfortunately unknown. At the time of its rescue, it was used as an agricultural building.

La Ermita de Nuestra Señora de las Viñas is registered in Registro General de Bienes de Interés Cultural (Historical Spanish Heritage) since 1929.

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