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San Juan de Baños is a very old church (7th century) bearing testominy to the Visigothic Christian kingdom that occupied the Hispanic peninsula following the Roman Empire, before disappearing by the Muslim invasion in the early 8th century. It is the only one of the few remaining Visigothic churches whose dating is known with certainty, due to the presence of a consecration plate indicating that it was founded by the will of the Visigoth king Receswinthe and was consecrated January 6, 661.

This beautiful three-vessel church had a complex tridental oriental massif whose two side chapels were removed at the Gothic period and the two spaces between the previous chapels and the choir (rectangular apse) were transformed into side chapels aligned on the aisles. From this time also date the external buttresses as well as modifyings of the lateral masonries. More recent is the small wall belfry crowning the narthex. For the rest, so the essential, the building is well preserved and homogeneous, saved in extremis of destruction at the end of the 19th century (abandoned, it was going to ruin).

The Roman influence is felt in the basilica plan and the columns with monolithic marble shafts (probably reused from Roman ruins) and stylized Corinthian capitals.

La iglesia San juan de Baños de Cerrato is registered as Monumento nacional in the Registro General de Bienes de Interés Cultural (Historical Spanish Heritage) since 1897.

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