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The Dome of the Rock was built in the seventh century, at the very beginning of the Islamic era. It is the oldest of the great Islamic monuments and is considered as the founding element of what will constitute Islamic Art in its architectural sense.

Stylistically, it is originally an Arab-Byzantine monument: some Byzantine masters and craftsmen (Christians or recently converted, no one knows) have obviously worked under the direction of Arab backers, both for the shell work and for the interior decoration. Stylistic influences of Sassanid Persia are also possible in the treatment of the facades. Subsequently, this beautiful building will undergo many modifications and restorations, but which will preserve its original plan. Thus, the beautiful decoration with blue background which decorates the tholobate and the upper half of the side walls dates from the Ottoman era in the sixteenth century.

The Dome of the Rock is so called because it houses in its center, under the dome, a natural rock that the three great monotheistic religions revere. As the supposed place of Isaac's unsuccessful sacrifice by Abraham for these three religions; as the supposed location of the first Temple of Jerusalem for the Jews; and as the place for the Prophet's Night Journey for Muslims. Nevertheless, it has been an Islamic sanctuary since its origin, except after the first crusade, when it was used as a church during a while.

Iconic symbol of Jerusalem, located in the middle of the platform of the Temple Mount, this exceptional building crystallizes, alas, with the mosque al-Aqsa, all the tensions which agitate this region.

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