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ID: Secanda 20.3 (2021-08-10)

Version: 1a (2021-08-10)

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Comics, films and TV series have created many fictional spacecrafts. Many of these were merely anecdotal and quickly fell into oblivion, but some have now entered the collective imagination and simple fictional objects have become objects of culture. These include Tintin's moon rocket, Star Trek's Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon and other Starwars spacecrafts and of course this one: the flying saucer from the TV series The Invaders.

When one thinks of "flying saucer", it is often the flying saucer from The Invaders that comes to mind first. By far the most famous of the flying saucers has now become the archetypal flying saucer, a type of fictional spacecraft that was very fashionable in the 1950s and 1960s.

However, it is rarely and fleetingly seen in the TV series. The real saucer was never anything more than a small plywood model with a few flashing bulbs inside it. It was filmed separately and then inlaid on the picture in a very unrealistic way. In 1967-68 special effects were in their infancy and it was a low budget series... The only part built in real size was its five feet, for the scenes where characters are standing near a saucer. These scenes are funny because we can see the shadow of the feet of the saucer on the ground but not the shadow of the (inlaid) body of the saucer that they are carrying! This approximate tinkering might seem ridiculous but, in fact, it gives an impression of the unreal and the strange which is not foreign to the worldwide success that the series and its cheap spacecraft have had.

But I realise that I am writing a lot of nonsense. All of the above is false because David Vincent has seen them! (and so will you once you've built this model).

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