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Saint-Tremeur chapel in Cleden-Cap-Sizun is a pretty little rural chapel located at the western extremity of Brittany (region named Cap Sizun). It was erected on the top of a hill overlooking the village. It has an angled plan and is in the late Gothic style.

Tremeur is a local saint in Brittany. He is not recognised by the Catholic Church. He belongs to the group of the cephalophore saints (who bear their head after decapitation). Many places of worship are dedicated to him in Brittany.

The main feature of this chapel is the presence on its southern façade of a very long inscription (half the length of the façade). This inscription is in Breton language and indicates the dedication of the chapel (Saint Gweltaz/Gildas and Saint Tremeur) and its date of foundation: 1538.

The chapel bell is not a real church bell but a ship's bell. It was taken from an English ship wrecked in the 19th century on the coast of the nearby Bay of Audierne.



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