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back Rural Roman house of Hent Trégoné in Fouesnant (France/Brittany)


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The foundations of a Roman house were uncovered in 2013 at Hent Trégoné in Fouesnant during development works.

Only the foundations and wall bases have been found. All that remained of the elevations were a few wall bases in neat, typically Roman masonry. Nevertheless, the plan and the remaining vestiges allowed us to imagine the appearance of the building with reasonable probability. Thus, the presence of what appeared to be a stairwell indicated the presence of a floor.

The plan of this rural house, with a front gallery between two forward bodies, is similar to that of several other rural buildings in western Gaul. Nevertheless, this one is much too small to be the pars urbana of a Gallo-Roman villa. The most likely hypothesis is therefore that it was the dwelling of a villa steward or equivalent employee, established on the villa grounds but at some distance from the other villa buildings. Other examples of this type of settlement are known.

The typology of the building allows us to say that it is not anterior to the end of the first century, but a more precise dating is difficult given the poverty of the material found during the excavations.

This model is a hypothetical but very likely reconstruction of the original appearance of this house based on local archaeological data and on those of other known similar buildings.





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