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back Railway stations of Pleslin and Pleurtuit (Dinan-Dinard line)


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The Dinan-Dinard line was a single-track train line of about twenty kilometers. It was put into service in 1887. It was managed by the Ouest-État network and then, from 1938, by the SNCF. The passenger service was stopped in 1986 and the line was definitively closed in 1992. The rails have now been removed and the old track has been converted into a greenway.

In addition to its two terminus stations, the line had three small intermediate stations (Pleslin, Pleurtuit, Saint-Samson) plus a halt without significant infrastructure (Trémereuc).

The passenger buildings (BV for Bâtiment Voyageurs in French) of the two most important intermediate stations on the line, those of Pleslin and Pleurtuit, still exist today but have been redesigned. That of Pleslin has been converted into a stopover gite and that of Pleurtuit is a part of the House of the local associations. The BV of the small Saint-Samson station is now a private residence.

The two BVs of Pleurtuit and Pleslin, of the "three-doors" type, are strictly identical, except for one detail: the inversion of the platform side and the city side. The paper model therefore makes it possible to assemble one or other of these buildings, in their configuration from the beginning of the 20th century. Blank name plates and an alphabet are included in the model for possible personalization of the name plates by copy and paste.

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