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Saint-Boscat Church in Tréogat dates from the very end of the 13th century or the beginning of the 14th century for its oldest parts. These belong to the architectural style known as the "École de Pont-Croix“ (Pont-Croix School), specific to the Basse-Cornouaille (south-western Brittany) at that time.
This church has the particularity, rare in Brittany, of being largely built of prasinite, a dark green metamorphic rock of volcanic origin. Prasinite is sometimes called "green schist", although it is not a schist, but its structure is cleavable like a schist and it belongs to the so-called "green rocks", like serpentine, which it is mineralogically related to. This stone was used for this church because a narrow vein of prasinite runs through the region at Tréogat.

Saint-Boscat Church of Tréogat is listed in the Monuments historiques (Historical French Heritage) since 2008.



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