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Antiquité s.s.

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The "Maison Carrée" of Nîmes  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 19.1 version 1a

This famous Roman temple of the Augustan era has survived the centuries in a remarkable state of preservation. Built in the early 1st century, it was used for the imperial cult. The model has a removable roof revealing the pronaos and the cella. More information and Download...

Domus au Grand Péristyle de Vieux-la-Romaine  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.5 version 2b

Restitution from the available archaeological data of an urban house of the Gallo-Roman era. Although located very north, its style is typically Mediterranean. Model with removable roof to see the innner partitioning. More information and Download...