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In 1923, a group of young Breton artists and craftsmen got together. They called themselves "Ar Seiz Breur" (the seven brothers).

The initial motivation of these militant regionalist artists was to fight against the outdated and backward-looking aspects that Breton art and crafts had taken on at a time when overloaded "little Bretons" decorations reigned supreme, in all fields of applied arts (furniture, crockery, graphics, architecture, clothing...).

The Ar Seiz Breur movement's aspiration for modernity and its openness to the various aspects of this modernity on a European scale meant that it was fully in line with the Art Déco movement of the interwar period, of which it was the Breton regionalist branch.

The present model is that of one of the Seiz Breur's most famous works, and their first large-scale joint project: the "Meubles de l'Osté" (Osté furniture). This term refers to the common room of rural dwellings in certain areas of Upper Brittany. The furniture was designed by Jeanne Malivel (Loudéac) and Réné-Yves Creston (St-Nazaire), and produced by Gaston Sébilleau, a cabinetmaker in Redon.

This set was exhibited in the Breton pavilion at the famous Arts Déco exhibition in Paris in 1925 (from its full name: Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes). Tableware and ceramics designed by Suzanne Candré-Creston and made by Henriot (Quimper) adorned the table and furniture tops. A mural fabric, also by Suzanne Candré-Creston, was stretched across the walls. The Osté ensemble received several awards and rave reviews.

Each component of the ensemble is an independent model, so the order in which they are assembled is irrelevant.



- AUMUSSON, Pascal (2017, reed. 2023), Seiz Breur, pour un art moderne en Bretagne 1923-1947, ed. Locus Solus : 232pp. / ISBN-978-2-36833-164-4 (2017) ISBN 978-2-36833-418-8 (2023)


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